Posted by: Jenny | August 24, 2011

Back to School Red Tape, Amy Winehouse and Pedophilia Goes PC

I almost forgot about my column because I’m engrossed in getting Lord of the Flies enrolled and evaluated at his new school.  I started trying to communicate with the school district last spring, before we moved.  They told me we’d take care of it in the fall.  I contacted them in early August when we arrived in town.  They told me registration started August 15.  School starts on Monday.  My husband finally went down there today.  They just got his records from his old school today, so the evaluation process can start, but he’ll likely miss the first week of school.

People have told me, “They’re required to bla, bla, bla!”  That’s not the point.  It’s not about forms; it’s about the people that will actually be charged with educating him need to meet him, talk to us and have time to properly prepare for him to enter school.  Anything else isn’t fair to my son, his teachers or his classmates.

They’ll also likely have to hire a one-on-one for him.  That’s one reason conservatives need take an interest in finding the environmental factor and preventing autism.  1 in 77 little boys requiring (and they do require, this isn’t government waste) their own private tutor is going to get expensive.  If 1 in 77 little boys were paraplegics we wouldn’t expect their parents to build a ramp every time they needed to enter a public building.

Anyway, I’m sure when we get through this red tape it will be fine.  I just think this part could go a lot more smoothly.

By the way, none of this would be any different in a private school.

Update: There’s an increasingly popular theory that a lot of this has to do with my PMS.


*tasteless joke about Lindsey Lohan hitting the snooze button*

Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system when she died, although there was alcohol.  I’m not gonna say the world owes her parents an apology.  Even her mother assumed her death was an overdose and stated that it was inevitable.  But I am sorry.

There are different way to look at it, but to me this makes her death even sadder.  Her public image was that of a chronic addict completely uninterested in treatment.  We didn’t think any other outcome was remotely possible.  If she died making any attempt at recovery then we have to wonder what her future could have been.  I know that’s how I feel about someone from my own life that died in the early stages of recovery.

If achieving recovery is a possibility for addicts, then anything is.  It sounds absurd, but people who knew Winehouse have claimed she wanted a family.  The addict, Amy Winehouse, would have been a horrible mother, but that’s not necessarily true for her as a whole person.

That’s why addiction is so heartbreaking.  While active, it devours any good traits a person has.  I don’t know that I want to call it possession in the religious sense, but if it’s not a literal, spiritual bondage then I don’t know what is.

Winehouse lived 20 non-addict years before most of us knew who she was.  Hopefully this news can bring a measure of comfort to her family and friends and lighten the cloud that will always hover over her memory.

And now… the pedophile lobby

No, really.  Smart people with an undiagnosed psychiatric condition of their own are asking society to start referring to child molesters as minor-attracted people.  There’s more.  They also want pedophiles to play a role in how their diabolical illness is defined in the DSM.


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