Posted by: Jenny | August 11, 2011

Update: from my mom’s house

On Saturday we’ll have been at my mom’s 2 weeks.  It’s gone better than I thought it would.  Jack may be the only 8-year-old with an advance team.  By the time we got there his room and much of mom’s house was stripped of valuables and 17 doors and windows were padlocked.  This was so all of us could relax at least a bit while we’re here.

I love having sidewalks and being able to get pretty much anywhere within 10 minutes.  Mom’s backyard is fenced in and pretty private which is nice.  We had a problem about a week ago.  I sent the kids out there and intended to follow them shortly.  They weren’t out there a minute when we heard the neighbors dogs barking.  BARKING… like if there was an intruder.  The intruder was Jack.  He’d kicked a slat on their fence through and was on the other side.  The teenage son came out and went along their whole fence re-nailing loose boreds.  They we’re really nice about it, but it’s embarrassing.  And scary.  It may have been for the best though.  Jack’s scared to death of those dogs now (they’re harmless).  This morning when he heard them let the dogs out to do their business Jack ran inside.  It’s not that I want him to be scared, but this particular fear is keeping him out of other trouble.

The rest of the month I’ll be focused on getting both kids ready for school.

Our house in Selah still hasn’t sold.  There’s an open house this weekend, hopefully that’ll do the trick.



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