Posted by: Jenny | July 26, 2011

Slowly but surely… another update

Well, we’re down to about our last 4 days in this house.  It still hasn’t sold, but we’re moving in with my mom until it does.  I’m hoping it well help Jack to have a chance to adjust to the change of city before school starts.

I was worried about how he’d do this summer with school out and our house up for sale.  I don’t screw around when I’m moving.  Our “stuff” is already moved except for the bare necessities… including a lot of the kids toys.  There’s no way I’d be able to keep the house ready to show with all that stuff here.

Jack’s had a really hard time the last couple weeks.  Lots of head-banging.  This morning I just needed to go to the bank, which here requires getting on the highway.  We were having a rare rainstorm (which I love).  It was coming down so hard I could barely see, then I’m surrounded by three semi-trucks which were throwing a constant wave of water over my windshield.  I know that kind of thing doesn’t phase some people, but I prefer being able to see at least a little when I’m driving a lethal weapon at 60 mph.  To top it all off Jack goes into a grand mal meltdown in the back seat.  God and I are going through a bit of a rough patch (it’s not Him, it’s me).  I inquired as to why I can’t just go to the ******* bank.  Anyway, I just need to hang on a few more days.

We’re moving to be closer to my family, and here are some examples why.  My 79-year-old mother is moving to her basement and pretty much giving us the upstairs.  However, I do intend to go down there to hit “publish” on anything I write from there.  I welcome the blogger street cred that comes with blogging from your mom’s basement.  My brother-in-law has also been working all week to “Jack-proof” the house as much as possible, so we don’t have to be on high alert the whole time.  That’s right; Jack requires an advance team.  To give you an idea of just what it’s like to live with an autistic child, 17 padlocks are required.

We think we found a great house that we hope is still available when we’re ready.  It’s a ridiculously huge brick rambler built in 1956.  The current owner, Hazel, just went to assisted living (yes, I also wish she came with the house).  It seems to be in great shape and hasn’t been updated.  You know those “Brady Bunch” houses they mock on House Hunters?  That’s what we like.  The decor in the room that would be my office seems to have been inspired by Hunter Thompson’s poker visor.  No one would love this place as much as we would.  We’ll see.

Hopefully, by 9/1 we’ll have an offer on the house.  In the meantime, I need to spend the rest of the summer teaching our daughter to write before kindergarten.  That’s why we need to be near our support system.  I didn’t realize until she started preschool last year that she didn’t even know how to hold a pencil.  She had a ton of behavior issues too.  Here we can take care of Jack, but that’s it.  We need to be where we can properly care for all the responsibilities God has given us.


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