Posted by: Jenny | June 19, 2011


I spent the winter getting the house ready to list.  Pretty much every surface in the house needed attention.   Jaimie’s brother, Danny, came over and was a huge help to us since we’re idiots. We’re still fighting the holes in the walls from Jack’s headbanging, but it is getting better.  The house is on the market, and we’ve put in an offer on a house that would work really well for us in Wenatchee.  We just have to get an offer on this place by 7/15… uh huh.

The last couple months of school were really hard for Jack.  I thought he was handling the changes pretty well at home, but it turned out the more he lost control of things at home the more he was acting out at school.  Anyway, we all got through it.  This was his first week of summer vacation, and he handled it pretty okay.  We have a backup plan of at least the kids and I going to stay at my mom’s house by August 1st, so that’s a comfort.  I hope we don’t have to do that because it’s hard on my mom, but it would actually make the transition easier for Jack since that’s a familiar place.

We’ve been dealing with Jack bolting, jumping out the windows.  It’s become a pretty serious issue.  We’ve had to screw and padlock all the doors and windows shut.  He then learned how to work a screw or improvise one with whatever he could find around to remove the bars in the windows.  Then Mr. Waite started using those screws you need an allen wrench to remove, so today Jack actually pryed a whole track out of one of the windows.  He’s even climbed out of one of those tiny basement windows.  One night I came home and Jack was missing… I mean gone.  We had to call 9-1-1 which has never happened before.  Long story short, he was in his room, kind of between the wall and the boxspring sound asleep.  I’ll write more about that later, but we found a watch with the gps in it.  If it works the way it’s supposed to we’d be able to find him ourselves with our phone or pc and it doesn’t look like he can take it off.  We’ll see.

There are some things I’d like to do with the blog.  I’ll be adding some new headings for practical issues like diet and safety, things that have worked for us and things that haven’t.

But right now I’m just focused on getting us moved with as little drama as possible.

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