Posted by: Jenny | January 7, 2011

Another update

So over the holidays we found out that a job trade had been approved for my husband.  We will be moving home at the end of the school year.  Thank you to everyone who prayed about this.  The day the paperwork was due I sent out a prayer request to everyone I could think of.  At that time we were hoping for a compassionate transfer, a real long shot for good reason.  Your living situation isn’t your employer’s problem.  Later that day one of my husband’s supervisors came up with a job trade with the person doing my husband’s job at our hometown office.  There were reasons moving here would be better for him too.  We knew we had a lot better chance at that, so we were cautiously optimistic.  We still thought it would be a long time before we knew for sure, but we got the news that it had been approved before Christmas.  A few of my husband’s supervisors went out of their way to help us with this, and we’re very grateful to them.

So I’ll be spending between now and spring getting this house ready to sell.  We were in a hurry when we came here and bought a really stupid house.  We had an electrical fire, I won’t be surprised if there’s mold and the floor plan stinks.  So I’m redecorating for the HGTV crowd, then we’ll have our own home inspection done so there won’t be any surprises.

Jack’s on the full dose of his medication now.  I could see a big difference between Christmas break and how he was on summer vacation. He seems to be having a breakthrough with his speech too.  My biggest worry about the medication was that it would hurt his speech, so I have no idea if this is from the medication or something else.  He already said lots of words (and things that aren’t words), but nothing really relevant.  He talks, but he doesn’t really communicate.  Until now when he made a complete sentence, it was a memorized phrase from tv or a book.  A couple of months ago he started saying, “It’s not clean until it’s oxy-clean.”

Well, one day we got in a fight, and he hit me.  I don’t like that.  He got sent downstairs, and I could hear him having a pretty violent tantrum (lots of head banging).  I was about to go down there when he came upstairs, put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye and said clear as a bell, “I’m sorry for hitting you, mommy.”  Which was sweet, then he backed up, pointed at me and said, “No, angry.  BAD!!!”  He was scolding me for being angry.  Anyway, that was a huge moment for us.  He’s also been saying more useful single words, like telling me what he wants to eat instead of tearing the kitchen apart looking for it.

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